Rina Lichtinger


Rina Lichtinger. Yogini Rina - Ishwari born In Mexico City, USA citizen. Married has 2 children.  

Rina has been practicing Yoga and meditation for 20 years, teaching for 17 years, fluent in Spanish and English , French.

Teaching Yoga and meditation for 20 years, teaching for 17 years, American  Citizen since 1976. 

The chakra yoga connects to the awareness of the human psyche. As a whole the chakra system forms a bridge to the human soul. Takes you deeper into wholeness the template for transformation from the mundane to Oneness.

Her unique teaching encompassing science of Yoga, Mind, Body , Spirit, learning  Asana (physical postures) Pranayama (breathing exercises for purification) Chanting mantra for calming the mind and opening the heart (Sat- Sang)Unlocking the power  of the chakras, and meditation to improve your concentration, awaken the Divine.

Marcelo Trindade

Marcelo’s yoga journey has led him all over the world. He has practiced on 5 continents and thus, is very cultured as a person and as a teacher. He completed his 200 hour YTT at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. Post completion he stayed living in the ashram for 7 months to immerse himself in the yogic lifestyle and teach students from all around the world, guiding them with his traditional and holistic approach to yoga. Marcelo’s message is one of balance. He believes yoga includes discipline, surrender, effort, and fun. In his class you have the opportunity to experience many of the various aspects of yoga: Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Meditation, Cleansing kriyas, Philosophy, Sound healing and Vedic chanting. He finds inspiration in helping others learn to tap into the grace in their lives and guiding them along their journey to becoming physically and emotionally healthy. So come to his class with an open heart and allow yourself to be led into the light. Hari Om.

Tara Jeffers


Tara is a heart-centered, baby loving, life living enthusiast. She spent 6 months studying traditional Hatha and ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh, India and is thrilled to share these practices to her community. 

Charlotte Abrahamian


I began practicing yoga seriously when I was 16 years old. I decided to go

for teacher training with Jimmy Barkan where I received my 200 hour RYT &

began teaching as a sub at his studio in Boca Raton. Along with being

privileged enough to practice my own practice in my spare time, I get to

teach alongside these remarkable teachers, share & receive love from

students & be a part of this loving community.

And when I get to teach it’s a Vinyasa Flow class and I try to concentrate

on helping in whatever aspect I can! As an instructor and a student, I

believe that being able to be aware of your breath throughout your practice

as much as you possibly can is the first and foremost most important. With

that the attention to detail awakens and deepens. In class my intention is

to get to all the limbs and free them up, and in the end I hope the

students continue to feel truly happy and proud of the effort they put into

their practice. And from there on out the yoga can continue its teachings

off of the mat. Every day is just so different, but my go to goal for my

students, as well as a reminder to myself is to just be truly honest with

where you are and embrace the moment. However things have come about for me

I’m so happy yoga found its way into my life. It’s the nicest feeling in

the world getting to practice and work with people who share their passion

for their practice their way. Sometimes it can feel like another home away

from Home.